A Mac app that will automatically renew your Kerberos tickets.

Download Kerberos Ticket Autorenewal on Mac App Store

Kerberos is commonly used in corporate networks to authenticate at intranet websites and other internal services without entering password all the time. The most common example is Microsoft Active Directory domain.

Those who use a Mac in such environment will probably find this app really handy, as it spares you from manually refreshing the expired ticket every single day.

As an additional bonus, it will display a standard user notification when the password expires and provides a nice UI for changing it when that happens.

Support links:

  • Kerberos Ticket Autorenewal Privacy Policy as required by Mac App Store.

  • I do not have enough free time to adequately handle new feature requests anymore. If you find the app broken on a newer macOS, create a Support Ticket (ignore account creation email if you don’t want to monitor ticket status).

Kerberos Ticket Autorenewal App Screenshot

Kerberos Ticket Autorenewal App Screenshot

New changes:


  • Apple Silicon native.


  • Dark Mode support.


  • An option to keep the default credentials from changing (in Preferences).
  • Fixed the problem when a credential might become missing after reboot.
  • Get tickets instantly whenever a new network is connected.


  • Initial release.